Chapter 1.2

The next instalment of The Cracked Mirror. Robin is going to work but is she being followed? #amwriting #thecrackedmirror #shifterromance

The Cracked Mirror

Splashing water on my face I give my reflection one last look and then go back to the bedroom. Cassie looks up from her place on the bed but I don’t say anything. There is no point. She will be there in the same place when I get back.

“I’ll bring back burgers.”

She snuffles and lies back down.

Reaching for my uniform I change into the emerald green and straighten the tag proclaiming me a plant technician. I had always wanted to work with the outdoors and in particular plants but I hadn’t really thought that a nursery would be the way I’d go. Who was I kidding…? There had been no option. I needed a job to put food on the table. At least I was managing that, just.

Closing the door carefully I walk away and try not to feel resentment toward my sister. I’m certain that…

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Chapter 1.1

The first chapter of the new serialised novel… Rachel and her twin are running, but they are losing hope of ever finding somewhere safe. #amwriting

The Cracked Mirror

I wake screaming and lie there panting looking at the same white scarred ceiling I had been staring at for the last six months. I hate it. I hate the water mark in the corner and the mould that seems to take hold no matter how many times I scrub at it. Sighing, I try to close my eyes again, I try to forget, but a low whimper pulls me back to the present. I turn my head and stare into Casey’s amber eyes. She stares straight back into mine, amber meeting brown in a tangle of pain and worry.

“I’m fine,” I say, but the look she gives me suggests that she really doesn’t believe me.

I look away and close my eyes again, except as I do I see the images that had made me scream. If only there was a way to stop them. I had tried…

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How this works…

Yep… I’m doing it again. A paranormal romance this time. So, who want to hear a story? #amwriting

The Cracked Mirror

So this is a serialised novel, or will be, so you need to read it in order. I’m creating posts of around 800 to 1000 words each. They will run in chapters from 1.1 to where ever we end up.

Each chapter will be the first number, so the 1.? bit. The number after will be part of the chapter.

Hope that makes sense.

Basically read in numerological order, and enjoy.

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