A pain in the neck

No, I mean really. I’m not sure why but at the moment I have a massively stiff neck. At first I thought it was a migraine but then it stuck around. Some mornings I would wake up with a slight pain and other mornings all I could do was hold my head and roll over.

Then yesterday I was in the shower washing my hair and something went twang in my neck. This wasn’t a small twang but a sensation that ran down my back and then to my head. I froze for a moment and then lowered my arms and relaxed my shoulders. To say that I creaked and cracked in that moment would be a lie. My bones and muscles made a noise. All I can say is ouch.

And then down the left side of my head… nothing… Which was a massive plus on pain. For the first time in four days there was no pain. So I rolled my right shoulder and something slid back and there was no pain.


I don’t know what it was. Maybe it was the two hours of driving or the fact I danced like a loon at tap only an hour before, but my body seems to be back in working order. I mean my neck is swollen and stiff but I am not holding my head all the time.

So as long as I keep moving there is no worries about me writing or doing all the normal stuff. I’m good and I’m fine. Now to play catch up. And to keep moving.

You may be wondering why my neck went goofy and all I can think is that it was a combination of stress, too much time on the computer, and me not listening to the signs. But I’m definitely listening now. Cos this week has been a massive pain in the neck!

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