Chapter 1.1

The first chapter of the new serialised novel… Rachel and her twin are running, but they are losing hope of ever finding somewhere safe. #amwriting

The Cracked Mirror

I wake screaming and lie there panting looking at the same white scarred ceiling I had been staring at for the last six months. I hate it. I hate the water mark in the corner and the mould that seems to take hold no matter how many times I scrub at it. Sighing, I try to close my eyes again, I try to forget, but a low whimper pulls me back to the present. I turn my head and stare into Casey’s amber eyes. She stares straight back into mine, amber meeting brown in a tangle of pain and worry.

“I’m fine,” I say, but the look she gives me suggests that she really doesn’t believe me.

I look away and close my eyes again, except as I do I see the images that had made me scream. If only there was a way to stop them. I had tried…

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