All About Me

I think I’ll keep the tradition and leave the older ‘about me’ stuff below… The latest update:

14th October 2021 (should have done this ages ago… Oops)

I am finishing a PhD in historical creative writing. I am now married and use the name Cleaver as well as Murray for the writing. We are renovating the house after having an extension done (it is almost finished) and I have moved to South Wales…

I have 4 kids now, all adult, yes this does mean I am the step mom, but I refuse to be evil.

The soft toy company is gone and I just write and draw now. Hopefully I will be able to draw more as soon as the house is finished. At the moment the area that will be the studio is full of the rest of the house as we decorate.

Still dyslexic, dyspraxic and on the autistic spectrum. Coping with all of these and luckily so is my husband.

*     *     *     *     *

I am leaving the old blurb below so you can see where I’m from, but as of this morning (13th March 2014) I have handed in my dissertation which means that I am on my long walk into the real world.

When I say real world I am still talking about writing. I can’t think of doing anything else. Now it is just whether I will survive. And although you might call me optimistic I think I will. I hope. 😀

*     *     *     *     *

I am a **** something writer who is new at this… And this is the reason I am studying for the masters and who I am:

I run a soft toy manufacturing company and I’m an artist. Both of these companies are successful. I would like to include author to the list but, using an art metaphor, I feel that although I know how to stretch a canvas I have only one colour paint to work with.

I live in west Wales in a small place called Tregaron. We normally get snowed in every year for about three days despite living on a bus route. I have a dog and cat, both ginger (accidental) and I help run a smallholding with my parents. We are mostly self-sufficient for veg and we raise our own animals (yes for meat).

When I can I write, when I’m not writing I make toys or paint pets. Any spare time I sleep.

All the stories and content on this site are copyrighted to Kate Murray ©™ 2012

44 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. Kate:

    I know I may not comment much here, but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate and love seeing your post. You are so talented and I have learned so much from reading your blog.

    Thus, I have nominated you for THE INVENTIVE BLOGGER AWARD. If you chose to accept it, you can do so by reading over the instructions on my site here:

    Thank you for brightening up my Reader and I look forward to seeing more of your drawings and reading more of your stories.

  2. The Meandering Matriarch has nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger award. In accepting this Award, I am required to nominate fifteen other blogs which I feel are deserving of this recognition. So I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award. I apologize in that it takes a bit of time, but I am new at all this and feel it might be a good form of recognition if you choose to participate. Here are the rules:

    Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
    List the rules and display the award.
    Share seven facts about yourself.
    Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
    Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you, both are found at this link:

  3. Hi Kate,

    I wish you well in all your writing endeavors. Wow, you run a soft toy manufacturing company, and obviously you are a amazing artist, becoming a successful writer will be a breeze. Your story, ‘The Constant Bicycle’ sounds interesting, I’ll get a copy of the magazine soon.

    Tomorrow will be my first official post, you’re invited to come and share in the fun. Please feel free to spread the word, the more the merrier, hope you can make it.

  4. Hey Kate,
    I’ve nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award:
    Thank the person who nominated you.
    Share the award on your blog.
    Share 7 random facts about you.
    Tag 5 bloggers with less than 1000 followers.
    Let them know that they have been nominated.

    You can copy the Award pic on my site at

    Keep up the good work. Lord Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

  5. Hello Dear,

    You have a beautiful blog here. I loved your theme. Great content and the colours are easy on the eyes.I was intrigued to read it and was wondering if you and I could be collaborators. I am a new blogger and started my humble blog some three months ago and had almost 3,300 followers. I believe blogging community is the most supportive and encouraging community. I want some writers as well. I kept unwell and was looking for someone who would like to post on my blog too. I would be highly obliged if you take a look at my blog and allow me an opportunity to collaborate with you. I love to write and write for some Ezines and Webzines like Roberta Pimentel and The Millionaire’s Digest. I write poetry, free articles, short stories and all other things. I can write content you want and word limit can be followed too.

    Warm Regards

  6. Kate, your blog will soon be added to our Actually Autistic Blogs List ( Please click on the “How do you want your blog listed?” link at the top of that site to customize your blog’s description on the list (or to decline).
    Thank you.
    Judy (An Autism Observer)

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