To all my American readers - Happy Thanksgiving. Sorry - I don't have any turkey paintings so here is a minature of two geese. The one at the back is called Boris and the one at the front is Missy. They are our breeding pair and are now ten years old and still going strong.



Disquiet – the next installment of The Gone. Bitsy, Max and Colin must escape, but what awaits them?

The Gone

“The lights are out.”

I turn to look at Colin in disgust. “Really?” I say with as much sarcasm as I can muster.

In the darkness I hear Max chuckle.

“Do you see her?” Colin asks and I’m struck with how inane his comments are. For a moment I am so angry that I want to hurt someone, specifically him. Then the feeling passes. I wonder if it has anything to do with what I am now. I must remember to watch my emotions. If I let myself lose control the result could be bad, at least for the person I was attacking.

“Do you think she’s in another cupboard?” Colin says.

Actually that isn’t a bad suggestion and I peer into the darkness. The odd thing is that the pitch black isn’t pitch black anymore. I can see, although my sight is only in black and white. I guess…

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