Disquiet – the next installment of The Gone. Bitsy, Max and Colin must escape, but what awaits them?

The Gone

“The lights are out.”

I turn to look at Colin in disgust. “Really?” I say with as much sarcasm as I can muster.

In the darkness I hear Max chuckle.

“Do you see her?” Colin asks and I’m struck with how inane his comments are. For a moment I am so angry that I want to hurt someone, specifically him. Then the feeling passes. I wonder if it has anything to do with what I am now. I must remember to watch my emotions. If I let myself lose control the result could be bad, at least for the person I was attacking.

“Do you think she’s in another cupboard?” Colin says.

Actually that isn’t a bad suggestion and I peer into the darkness. The odd thing is that the pitch black isn’t pitch black anymore. I can see, although my sight is only in black and white. I guess…

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