What rules do you follow? Do you have a code of conduct? Do you wave at strangers just to make them smile? I do. And most wave back. I smile when I can. I am as kind as possible, in fact most class it as one of my faults. I trust too fast and fall hard when people… Continue reading Life


Soul Mates

I know something is missing A hole, a nothing It ought to be something But nothing works. I tried chocolate but it only filled my waistband. I went on to cake, Same happened, a size up. I signed onto a date site, looking for friendship, maybe more. No joy, except someone looking for easy going… Continue reading Soul Mates

Dyslexic tales


Was I fated to write? Well, because I am dyslexic I was steered away from writing. That made it seem that I would never write. After all, I was never given the option. Today I was having lunch with some friends and one said to another, "When did you start writing?" "Oh, I was very young." And… Continue reading Fated?