Dyslexic tales


Was I fated to write?

Well, because I am dyslexic I was steered away from writing. That made it seem that I would never write. After all, I was never given the option.

Today I was having lunch with some friends and one said to another, “When did you start writing?”

“Oh, I was very young.”

And then they went on about remembering diary extracts and poems they wrote when they were very young. That got me thinking. You see, because I had a problem with writing, spelling and sentence structure I was considered ‘special’. And as such my book looked different to others. When everyone would write, I would draw.

I can’t remember how many times I have heard – don’t worry Kate can draw.

I fully agree with them – I can draw. But I can also tell stories. Even back them I used to. I remember that I made up a mouse character that I told others about. He wore a nappy and got up to all kinds of adventures. Well, I was a little entrepreneur and I drew him, only to sell him to my friends. Only at a couple of pennies each, but it was enough to double my sweet money. I was ultimately stopped by the teachers, but for a while I had a little mint going.

But writing was something that I didn’t do.

So why do I now?

Well, an aunt gave me a book, I was asked to write down a story, I got my first story published and I just felt I had to.

And all of these things happened at the same time. Am I fated to write? Yes, I think I am. But I also draw. Drawing has got me through tough times and helped me balance the books. So, I think I am fated to do both.

Now, I just have to finish that picture book. 🙂

This post was inspired by the daily prompt – que sera sera.

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