Flight – Can Bisty come to terms with Dee’s death? The next part of ‘The Gone’.

The Gone

We start to move away and I can’t help but look behind us. Just moments ago Dee had been fine and now she was nothing more than a broken pile on the floor. I ought to feel something, but I don’t. At one point, when she’d held the knife on Max, I would have killed her myself, yet now that she is dead I don’t feel anything. Not sympathy, not relief, nothing.

“Max?” I call out. He slows and walks beside me. He says nothing but I know he is waiting for me to say something.

“Dee…” I start.

“I had to,” he interrupts. “She was turning and despite everything she didn’t deserve to become on of those things…”

I place a hand on his arm. “I know. I was just worried….”

“What about?”

I sigh and drop my hand. “I felt nothing. I ought to, but…” I shrug.


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Quiet times

Quiet times – the next part of ‘The Gone’. Can Bitzy escape?

The Gone

They won’t attack us,” I say.

Max watches the creatures shuffle from side to side, moving their heads back and forth, noses in the air, scenting.

Not us no,” he says, in such a deep voice it rumbles around the room. He then looks at Dee.

We all look at her.

What?” she asks, her tone scared, but her eyes suggesting she has an upper hand.

We could let them have her,” Colin says.

For a moment I think about it. I really do. And that scares me more than anything. The shot has changed more than my physical appearance; I’m starting to think of Dee as a separate species. I try for sympathy but I come up short. I do know that just handing her over to the monsters would be wrong. “We can’t,” I say.

Why?” Colin asks and I can see that…

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