Masters tales

Post-Christmas writing

I find that over the Christmas period I never get to write. I mean it is normally only three or four days, but it is the time when I am exhausted, too tired to even start up the netbook and outline a quick short story. Instead, by evening I am in a stupor of drink, food and company.

I thoroughly enjoy it but by the time I get out to the workshop, which takes an age to heat up because it has been empty and unused for a while, I sit down at the keyboard with relief.

But this morning I added another activity to the routine – I walked my over active pup. Now, when I say pup I mean she is about fourteen months old. I got her thinking she was a medium dog, but she has grown into a giant. Bigger than my friends Standard Poodles. So I knew I had to watch her as she grew, everyone said that too much exercise could damage her joints, but this Christmas I noticed she was filling out, looking less like a baby horse with floppy legs, and more like a dog.

So today I added a quick walk. Only about ten minutes. She seems to have enjoyed it. And so did I. The mountains near us are covered in snow and just beautiful.

What has this got to do with writing?

Well, by the time I walked into the workshop and sat down I realised I was smiling. Despite the deadlines and the missed deadlines over the last two months I couldn’t wait to start. The stories are swirling inside my head and I want to write and not move.

I suppose in a way I got what I wanted for Christmas, an over-excited dog and a path to walk her on. Suddenly, I don’t care what the New Year brings because I know that I will get there, because I’m not alone. Not any more.

As for writing… Well, I am still working on the WIP. It may be taking a while but I’m really enjoying writing it.


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