Masters tales

Merry Christmas!

I know I haven’t been on the net for a while, but in my defense there has been a serious amount of making, baking and icing going on.

I have made 36 pies, 2 lbs of gingerbread and one large mincemeat and apple pie. The pies were three flavours; apple, apple and ginger and mincemeat. I can eat the apple ones… I have yet to find any mincemeat that hasn’t got nuts or palm oil in, both of which I’m allergic to.

So, as of tonight there are about 5, yes 5, gingerbread biscuits left… and most of the pies, although the mincemeat pies have taken a bashing. And despite being tired I am happy that everyone has a smile and seems content. Of course we won’t be opening the gifts until tomorrow. Technically it is Christmas Day here, but only 12.30 at night. I have sat down to watch the obligatory horror movie (it’s got to be done), which this year is ‘Cabin Fever’. Yep, it is as bad as it sounds…

So to everyone who reads the blog, or just this post, – Merry Christmas! I hope that your day is brilliant and that Santa has given you everything you asked for, as long as you were on the good list. I hope I am.


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