It’s the truth, honest…

It’s the truth, honest… Can the scientists be trusted? The next part of The Gone #thegone #amwriting

The Gone

“Is this place bugged?” I ask.

“I don’t think so,” replies Lucas. “We can’t be certain but as far as I know we had no bugs before the outbreak. And they have brought nothing with them.”

“So, what? They turned up and took over?” I ask

“Judge was already here doing some security work. The others showed up and took over,” Jonas says, his voice sounding tired.

“You knew when we chatted on the internet?” I ask.

He looks away. “Yes.”

“I suppose the guys we were meant to meet are more of Judge’s friends,” I say, sneering.


“Good job we can get you out of here then,” Max says.

“What?” Temple snaps. Not sure I’m happy about her joining our little club, but then I can’t be the only woman.

Max doesn’t say anything. He simply uncrosses his arms and runs to the other side of the room…

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Work in Progress

Today I hope to finish inking up the picture. How about a teaser? This is the first layer of the painting. Eventually I will use watercolour and acrylic to create the look I want. Sorry about the quality of the photo... but I think you can see what it is going to look like. 🙂


A Very White Room

A Very White Room – is the WHO safe and are they able to help? #amwriting #thegone

The Gone

As we move deeper into the complex I am struck by how white and sterile everything is. It is feeling more and more like a hospital and as we move my fear increases. I know that Max will be able to smell it and as if sensing my unease he takes my hand and squeezes it.

“So,” Jonas says as he walks. “What happened to the cure?”

“We had to use it,” Max says, his voice a low rumble that echoes down the corridor.

“Had to use it…” Jonas looks shocked.

“Don’t you realise how important that was!” The woman says, her voice high and fast.

“Temple,” Jonas snaps. “I’m sure they had reason.”

“I did,” Max rumbles, but I can tell he is angry.

“It doesn’t matter,” I say, trying to dispel the rising tension.

“How can you say that?” Temple says, rounding on me and stopping in the…

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Masters tales

Fuzzy head…

I blame the bank holiday! It feels like a Monday, but it isn't. So I'm making mistakes with the admin... In fact, I think I'm going to forget it and just do some drawing... Admin tomorrow. Today is all about the art and the writing!


The WHO…?

The WHO…? They have arrived, now if Bitsy and the others can convince them that they come in peace… #amwriting #thegone

The Gone

We drive around the back of the building through a gate and past more armed guards. Then Judge pulls up to a plain door.

“We’re here,” he says and turns to look at us. “Has anyone been bitten?”

We all shake our heads. Well, we haven’t in a sense, not in the way they think we have. Conor looks at us, but doesn’t say anything. I give him a quick reassuring smile.

“Then let’s go,” Judge says. He gets out of the car and Max opens the door. I’m surprised it opened, somehow I expected it to be locked. The other thing I’m shocked at is their acceptance that we haven’t been bitten. We could be lying.

Instead of voicing this I get out and start toward the door. Conor still has hold of me and I can feel a slight tremor from him. He is so scared.

“Can you…

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