What a depressing day…

It started out fine. But then I started to work on the painting… An hour later I ripped it off the board and threw it away. Not to be put off I immediately stretched another. The I noticed the time. A quick bite to eat and I was down the gym.

Now I ought to mention that my local gym is 5 minutes away and I have never been. My life has become more sedentary and with it my arse has got larger. But I lost some weight and asked the doctor what he thought.

“There’s a scheme,” he said.

“Oh…” I replied.

“You can get to go to the gym for almost free,” he promised.

“Uh huh…”

So I got popped on the waiting list. And I waited. And waited…

Six months later I am invited down for a ‘talk’. I turn up. He talks, I get anxious. He offers me two days a week and then says that he would like me to turn up for both the days.

“Uh huh…”

And then he pops me on the scales. The good news is that I’m two inches taller than I thought I was. The bad news is that I’m far heavier than I thought I was…

I was proud I didn’t cry. Instead I nodded and agreed to two days of almost free gym.

Then I went to the auction and moved furniture around.

I still feel down but I also feel determined. To tell you the truth I’m not too worried about my size, but I would like to be fitter. So I will go to the gym and I will walk the dog, and I will collapse in a heap after. Then one day I may find that I can smile when people ask me to step on scales.

I don’t give up with my painting so why should I with my fitness…!

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