A Hangover…

Bitsy wakes to find herself sick… And in the background she can hear people talking. The next part of The Gone… #amwriting #thegone

The Gone

I come awake slowly, almost as if I’m crawling out of a deep hole. In the background I can hear voices. I try to open my eyes but for the moment they won’t obey.

I can hear Max and Colin. I prise my eyes open, worried that they feel glued together. I don’t think I have been asleep long but then again it feels colder. Could it be night?

My vision swims at first and is blurred. I can’t see the guys, but their voices sound close.

“You two alone?” someone asks.

“Maybe,” Colin answers.

“I saw a girl.” This voice is different from the first and has a slight lisp.

A rumbling growl reaches me and I can’t help but grin. That is Max and he sounds pissed.

“Don’t worry, big guy,” the first says. “We don’t want to hurt her, we just need to know if she is…

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I hate it when I’m going to miss a deadline…

Rachel Mcintyre

I’ve given myself one and, although I’m working flat out, I don’t think I’m going to make it.

I know  – it is very unprofessional of me, but I want the illustrations for the picture book to be perfect. I had thought that one illustration a day would be fine.

It really isn’t…

Instead, I’m taking two to three days whilst I wait for the layers to dry. And then there is the tweeking.


So I will be publishing soon, in the next month, but it may be after Easter.


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Clean up in Hanger One!

The next part of The Gone. #amwriting #thegone

The Gone

Colin is beside me in seconds, holding the creature and yanking it away from me. Unfortunately the thing also took some of my hair. I cry out as the pain lances through my scalp.

“Shit,” Colin yelps. “Sorry, Bitsy.”

I wave a hand and turn to face the rest of the others. I notice almost immediately that the scent of them has become sweeter, more like roasted sugar. My fangs lengthen.

“Your head is bleeding,” Colin says.

I look at the other he is holding and note that it seems to be grasping half my hair and a portion of skin. I love my hair. I think it is my best feature and somehow seeing my locks in that thing’s hand sends me into a rage. Colin is about to hand the other to Max when I roar and jump onto it. Colin is knocked to the ground and pinned…

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Finally set up a shop!

Yes... I've sucumbed to the fact I need cash. I hate money, but life is tricky without it. So after looking around I found this site. It's easy to use and sells all over the world.... So please go have a look. I'm slowly uploading images. Or just follow the link - http://pixels.com/profiles/1-kate-murray.html 🙂


The pile of illustration is mounting up…

Oh errr…. I’m a bit busy…. Just hope I can get it all done in time.

Rachel Mcintyre

I came across a story. It’s the third I ever wrote, and it is perfect for a picture book. So ‘Kay and Prince’ has joined the queue…

At this rate I will be publishing a picture book every two months!

But today I’ve got to finish a double page spread. I’m falling behind and I’m worried that I’ll have to more my Easter date.

Wish me luck. Hopefully over the weekend I can get back on track…

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We Escape…

The next part of The Gone. Colin and Bitsy have saved Max, but is he alright?

The Gone

We run until I know there are a couple of miles between us and the warehouse. I stop and Colin pauses next to me. Max is still limp over his shoulder. I notice that Colin is breathing hard. Not exactly out of breath but still more tired than me. I nod at the airport. The terminal is still burning but in the distance I can see a hanger. It’s isolated and there is nothing around it. I like it.

“What about there?” I ask.

Colin nods and we start walking across to it. I’m worried about Max, who isn’t moving at all. Colin sees me looking and he grimaces. We need to get him safe. The sun is hot, and that worries me.

The others don’t go out in the sun, it burns them. I don’t think they will do the vampire thing of bursting into flames but at this…

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