We Escape…

The next part of The Gone. Colin and Bitsy have saved Max, but is he alright?

The Gone

We run until I know there are a couple of miles between us and the warehouse. I stop and Colin pauses next to me. Max is still limp over his shoulder. I notice that Colin is breathing hard. Not exactly out of breath but still more tired than me. I nod at the airport. The terminal is still burning but in the distance I can see a hanger. It’s isolated and there is nothing around it. I like it.

“What about there?” I ask.

Colin nods and we start walking across to it. I’m worried about Max, who isn’t moving at all. Colin sees me looking and he grimaces. We need to get him safe. The sun is hot, and that worries me.

The others don’t go out in the sun, it burns them. I don’t think they will do the vampire thing of bursting into flames but at this…

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