Not a good start…

I’m a late riser. In fact, I’ll hold my hands in the air and say that I’m a night owl. Not that I’m out there partying all night. No, my addiction is the quiet and darkness. It’s not a time for writing but it is a time for the ideas to be born. During the day, short stories and illustrations can sneak up on me, but at night it is almost as if they queue (I have very orderly ideas).

So when I was woken at 5 am this morning I was not pleased. I have a cold so at the moment I’m snatching sleep in couple of hour blocks, so the interrupt of the first long stretch was annoying. I’m afraid to say that I came awake with a growl. The growl turned to a roar when I saw my adolescent cat peeing on my bedding that sits on the chest in the corner of my room.

It is an ancient laundry chest, although I think it looks more like a treasure chest. It holds my bedding but at this time of year, where we can get temperatures in the teens and, the next day, snow, the extra blankets I may need sit on top. It is this that the delightful bundle of fluff was staking a claim on.

Now Alfie has been showing signs of stress and had messed in the house (my blanket in the front room that I use is I get cold). Still I was surprised. Jack had looked up from his perch on my bed and then at me. Meg, my dog, who sleeps at the foot of the bed, shot downstairs, obviously aware that I was about to blow a gasket.

Alfie looked at me and ran. I don’t blame him. At 5 in the morning and after only 3 hours sleep I must have looked a sight.

I got up and cleaned up the mess. The whole time raging and growling.

Then I went on the internet. Turns out my cats may not be happy to share a litter tray now that they are becoming adult. In his own way Alfie was just letting me know. So I grumbled and went back to bed. The litter tray will arrive tomorrow and Alfie will have his own convenience with carbon filter. Hopefully that will fix the problem.


And I’m hoping that I can get past the ‘bear-with-a-sore-head’ feeling. At the moment I’m just growling and scowling at all. Maybe today is a good day to hole up on the workshop and write. I wouldn’t want to be in my company at the moment.

4 thoughts on “Not a good start…

    1. I have realised that. Trouble is this is the first time I’ve ever had two boys at the same time. They get on great but I guess they both need their own bathrooms. Can’t say I blame them. 🙂

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