Dyslexic tales

Reality and dyslexia

Reality has been encroaching on my week. In fact, it pretty much took over…But now the bills are paid and reality has disappeared to an annoying but persistent hum. So, I can start to write and draw again.

Course if it had been a break then I would be rested and raring to go… Instead, I feel as if I’ve been working 12 hour days in order to make ends meat. Oh… I have been.

So It’s going to take a couple of days before I’m back in full swing. I know that if I didn’t have my dyslexia I might have been able to carry on writing, but I just get too tired. I can write and draw but only if that is my job. When I have to work at something else I fail.

But the good news is that I can go back to the writing and drawing for the next two weeks. Hopefully I will finish The Gone soon, although it does seem to be growing… And the picture book is coming along great.

Good news too that I’ve had a blog post published by Dyslexia Improvements. It’s a memoir rather than a story and it has made me wonder if I ought to write my experiences with dyslexia down. I’m not certain. I was wondering if it would help anyone but then it just might, and surely if I can help just one person I ought to try…

2 thoughts on “Reality and dyslexia

  1. I think it is a great idea to write down your experiences with dyslexia. As a dyslexic student I find it very useful to read what others experience and how they deal with it. It also makes me feel that I am not alone in this and that is very encouraging to me.

    1. Thank you. I am planning it out. Good luck with your course and if you need any help, or want to know how I coped with a problem, just email me (in contacts page). 🙂

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