Clean up in Hanger One!

The next part of The Gone. #amwriting #thegone

The Gone

Colin is beside me in seconds, holding the creature and yanking it away from me. Unfortunately the thing also took some of my hair. I cry out as the pain lances through my scalp.

“Shit,” Colin yelps. “Sorry, Bitsy.”

I wave a hand and turn to face the rest of the others. I notice almost immediately that the scent of them has become sweeter, more like roasted sugar. My fangs lengthen.

“Your head is bleeding,” Colin says.

I look at the other he is holding and note that it seems to be grasping half my hair and a portion of skin. I love my hair. I think it is my best feature and somehow seeing my locks in that thing’s hand sends me into a rage. Colin is about to hand the other to Max when I roar and jump onto it. Colin is knocked to the ground and pinned…

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