I think I’ve got out of bed on the wrong side…

And that is really difficult as my bed is pushed against a wall. I don’t know… Everything feels a little off.

The good news though is that the drawing is not overworked (I had my suspicions last night). At least I don’t think so. And it is looking good.

I have to get some more vegetables in later, but I am feeling off. If I were a wolf I’d scent the air and lay my ears back. Something is coming. Don’t know what.

Perhaps it is change? I hate change. Or perhaps it is a storm…? Except it isn’t hot enough for a storm. Hell, it isn’t hot enough for May. I’m spending most of my time freezing.

Well, there’s no way round it. I think I’m just going to have to tiptoe through today and see what happens.

Something is up though.

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