Work in Progress – ‘That’ portrait

Yep… I’m referring to it as ‘that’, which is never a good thing. I have been talking to my logical and supportive friend (you know who you are) and after hashing out some details I have a plan of action!

It does mean that I have to start again, but that is a good thing as the last attempt ended up in the bin. That reminds  me of a something that happened whilst I was being taught art in school.

We had an art teacher who was old school. He had us working on this one piece of artwork for a week. It was the best work I had done up to that point. I was so proud.

“Now,” he said. “Hold up the art.”

We all did.

“Hold the corners.”

We did.

“And rip it in half.”

No one moved.

“Rip it in half or leave.”

I don’t know who went first but eventually the whole class had ripped it in half.

“Now continue until the pieces are about an inch square.”

I did it. I hated it. But it taught me a lesson. The art is only as good as others see it. Or in my case, how I see it. I suppose I am my own worse critic. I expect perfection or close to and if I don’t get it than I tend to start again.

I’m not talking about quick studies. Things like the life drawing and observational landscapes are allowed to be more mistake filled. It’s the long stuff, like the portrait…

Not that I’m looking for perfection as in a photo, instead I’m looking for the image that I see in my head.

It is a thrill when I get it right though. And I do love that thrill.

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