A Very White Room

A Very White Room – is the WHO safe and are they able to help? #amwriting #thegone

The Gone

As we move deeper into the complex I am struck by how white and sterile everything is. It is feeling more and more like a hospital and as we move my fear increases. I know that Max will be able to smell it and as if sensing my unease he takes my hand and squeezes it.

“So,” Jonas says as he walks. “What happened to the cure?”

“We had to use it,” Max says, his voice a low rumble that echoes down the corridor.

“Had to use it…” Jonas looks shocked.

“Don’t you realise how important that was!” The woman says, her voice high and fast.

“Temple,” Jonas snaps. “I’m sure they had reason.”

“I did,” Max rumbles, but I can tell he is angry.

“It doesn’t matter,” I say, trying to dispel the rising tension.

“How can you say that?” Temple says, rounding on me and stopping in the…

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