Masters tales

Getting back to a normal routine…

I was back to the doctor today. It feels like I have been ill for the last month…

Oh, wait! I have. And I must admit I’m a little grumpy about it. I have missed Christmas parties and meetings, and now that I’m feeling a little more normal my social calendar is clear.

But the doctor didn’t give me a full bill of health. Nope, I have the residues of a chest infection that is making it even painful to breath, and… this one is embarrassing… I have glue ear. Yep, the condition normally associated with pigtails and children and I have got a case. The doctor was very good and kept a straight face, even if he was a little too serious.

So, I’m on the mend and apart from being sulky about not getting to go to a few parties I’m happy. You see, tomorrow I am going to have a go at writing. Up to now I have been pecking at the book between sniffs and coughs, but now I feel almost human.

I am even getting a Christmas-y vibe. And my bad mood is slowly disappearing having be banished by words and cards with far too much glitter.

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