Masters tales

The reality of life…

I have been working hard. I’ve been writing hard, all week. The only problem is that I’ve been working on someone else’s work.

So I finish and I sit back, happy. It’s not a long piece but it is now a cohesive bit of writing. I have converted an adult text to one that can be understood by children. I’ve added illustrations and set it out beautifully so that there are now contents, introduction…. Well, you get the idea.

So I go the the site and sent it to the client. He comes back and says he loves it. I do a little dance.

Then he says, ‘but’…


Then the corrections start. Some are valid and some have very little baring on the piece of work. Still I need the cash so I do it. Then I start to wonder about the contract. The client is asking more than I signed up for.

So I have a look.

Guess what?

I didn’t read the contract before I accepted. The client has changed the price…. I didn’t spot it. So instead of working for a wage, I have just thrown a week into the wind. I am going to get something (if he pays) but it isn’t close to minimum wage.

The moral of this story – always read the contract. ALWAYS!

So the next project has come up, an illustration one. And I read the contract, this time all was fine.

Annoyed though that there is nothing I can do because I accepted the conditions.

Still next week it will all be behind me and I will work on my own writing. For now I’m just going to grin and bare it. My own silly fault.

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