Soul Mates

I know something is missing

A hole, a nothing

It ought to be something

But nothing works.

I tried chocolate

but it only filled my waistband.

I went on to cake,

Same happened, a size up.

I signed onto a date site,

looking for friendship, maybe more.

No joy, except someone looking for

easy going and loose limbed.

Not really me.

Still, something is missing.

I got out and about,

joined a walking club, lost the

chocolate and cake,

the waistband got smaller.

I had fun.

I laughed.

Someone laughed with me.

A tingling and the hole got smaller.

He shared his chocolate.

Nothing missing, a good feeling.

He held my hand.

Soul mates.

This poem is my version of a doodle in words for the daily prompt – born to be with you.

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