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Oops… There goes Nanowrimo.

I have not been happy. My writing has been struggling. It has nothing to do with Nanowrimo, it just wasn’t working.

Have you ever started a peice and it is like you are slogging through molasses? Well, the novel has been like that. And when I re-read it the prose was forced, the characters detached and the storyline stilted. Which made no sense. I’m adapting one of my own screenplays and it ought to be easy. But it just isn’t working. You don’t care about the heroine, or the villain. The catalyst isn’t working.

So I put it away.

In fact. I haven’t written for a week. You see the story is good. It is something else that I’m doing wrong. So today I went back and looked at it.

I’ve written it wrong.

What I mean is that the writing is in third person past tense with an omniscient reader (a reader who knows everything). But it isn’t right.

Why not?

Well, firstly because it is a mystery. I mean what reader wants to know everything about a mystery? If that they do then there is no suspense.

Secondly the book follows one character religiously. But we are never shown what she feels because we don’t get inside her head.

And thirdly, there are no shocks because the writing is smooth and constant. It is as if I’m talking in a monotone voice – dull.

So the solution is to start again.

But this time I’m going to write it in first person present tense with the reader only knowing what the heroine knows. The reveals will happen to the character and the reader at the same time.

I’ve started and it is as if I can run, finally the book is flowing. I’m behind in my deadline by three weeks but I think it will be worth it.

2 thoughts on “Oops… There goes Nanowrimo.

  1. The second year I did NaNoWriMo, I decided to finish one novel and flesh out the carcass of another – it didn’t work. For me, NaNo works best with a blank sheet so that the story is a surprise from the very beginning. Plus it makes perfect sense for your main character to say “Er, pardon?” 25,000 times.
    Good luck! I ducked out of NaNo this year but I’m with all NaNoWriMoers in spirit!

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