Masters tales

The BAD guy

I thought I’d tell you about the BAD guy in the novel.  I like to cast my characters with actors.  It helps me visualise them. So Philip Carter, the villain of the piece, is George Clooney.

I know he normally plays good guys but I needed bad guy that looked like a good guy, so George got the part.

So let me introduce you to Philip Carter:

Occupation: A consultant in thoracic surgery at a private hospital.

Physical Description:
Always well-dressed.
Hair is dark brown with silver at the temples
Late 40’s
6 feet
About 13 stone

Can be violent

Watches his weight
Surprisingly strong
Appears kind and polite

Background: Upper class

Internal Conflicts: His violence

External Conflicts: People don’t understand him or his needs

Goal – to dominate his family
Plan to achieve the goal – To make the family submissive and obey his rules.

This is also how I set out a character page, or pages. It allows me to know all the characters well before I start to write.

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