Masters tales

What comes around….

Well, here I am again, sitting in a car park and using 3g… I love Wales but the patchy signal is a real problem when your broadband goes down.

Hasn’t that just happened? I hear you ask.

The answer is yes. Two weeks ago broadband stopped working and it took a week to fix it. It appears that something is wrong, either at the same place or elsewhere. So I’m offline until Tuesday at least.

Am I bitter? No, not in the least. You see, I’m doing nanowrimo, and doing it abysmally… I keep getting distracted so instead of having 10,000 + words I have 1500… And that is terrible! In fact, it’s the worst try yet. But no broadband means no distraction. No kitten pictures or videos of talking dogs, instead I have a weekend of writing…

So wish me luck because by the time I’m online again I ought to be caught up and better!!!!

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