The Escape

The Escape – Can Bitsy work out how to get them out? The next part to ‘The Gone’. 🙂

The Gone

“What if she doesn’t come back?” I ask, around a mouthful of biscuit.

Colin looks shocked, as if the idea of Dee not reappearing hadn’t crossed his mind. Max looks more resigned.

“Do we have a plan?” I ask.

Colin just looks between us.

Max nods. “The shelving uses metal supports, so I thought we could use them to punch a hole in the wall.”

“Why wait?” Colin asks.

“What?” Max says.

“Well, Dee is a piece of work. Why don’t we just punch through now?” Colin suggests.

“Not a bad idea,” I say.

“She will hear,” Max says, but I can hear he is thinking about something. “But it means we aren’t under her control.”

“Always a good thing,” Colin says and I smile.

Max walks over to the unused shelving across the back of the room. It’s held together with bolts and he is right, the struts are…

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