Sharpened Pencils

It took me an hour to sharpen all the pencils. No really… You see twice a year I help organise local fairs. Here in Tregaron that means Easter and Christmas. Of the two I can safely say that the Christmas Fair is bigger, boasting more than 25 stalls and a free Santa. But the Easter one is just a difficult to create. We have a massive Easter Egg Hunt which is around the whole village and usually involves a map to show people where the route is.

People then go out and collect letters. What ensues is a load of parents going cross eyed at a word search trying to work it out. Don’t get me wrong, the first year it was super simple. But we had complaints that it was too simple. So we made it more difficult… And we always add something else each year. This year’s is a real problem… And I can’t help but give an evil grin.

We also have an egg box decorating competition and a colouring competition. The colouring one is completely free and there are eggs up for grabs to the winners. Anyway, we try to make it appeal to everyone. There are normally about 14 to 18 stalls as well, doing everything from vegetarian food to knitted baby hats. I have my own stall selling art and books.

It is just a fun day out…

Except the fact that every year I have to sharpen over 200 pencils for the colouring competition. I mean, we have wax crayons and felt tips as well, but most of the kids love to use the pencil crayons…

So, an hour later I’m done and my hands hurt. But it will be worth it. So if you are local, come along. If not then I hope there is a fair near you.

Easter Fair 2016 poster

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