Chapter 1.2

The next instalment of The Cracked Mirror. Robin is going to work but is she being followed? #amwriting #thecrackedmirror #shifterromance

The Cracked Mirror

Splashing water on my face I give my reflection one last look and then go back to the bedroom. Cassie looks up from her place on the bed but I don’t say anything. There is no point. She will be there in the same place when I get back.

“I’ll bring back burgers.”

She snuffles and lies back down.

Reaching for my uniform I change into the emerald green and straighten the tag proclaiming me a plant technician. I had always wanted to work with the outdoors and in particular plants but I hadn’t really thought that a nursery would be the way I’d go. Who was I kidding…? There had been no option. I needed a job to put food on the table. At least I was managing that, just.

Closing the door carefully I walk away and try not to feel resentment toward my sister. I’m certain that…

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