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It’s snowing here in Wales. What does that mean?

Well, more accidents than normal. I mean, so far there have been two in a small village not far away and at least one on the coast road. Doesn’t sound like much? I suppose if I lived in a large urban area it wouldn’t be but I am in rural Wales, and we don’t get a lot of accidents. In fact a blue flashing light will bring crowds just to see it go past.

So, today is a writing day as the thought of tackling the roads is not a good one. Except that is exactly what I have got to do.

I was talking to a friend yesterday and I said I was working on a book and not really getting much done except the book and a bit of drawing.

“Isn’t that lonely?” she asked.

“I suppose, but I love what I do,” I said.


“Yes,” I said but she didn’t look convinced.

“Do you get out?” she asked.

I then started to think. Did I?

And I can safely say that one day a week I really do. And we aren’t talking about a little bit of socialising. I go out for at least ten hours and normally crash the night somewhere. I might be in south Wales or Mid Wales, but I am out and meeting people. In fact, I would even guess that my social life is at its best at the moment.

In the past I have met people through work or uni, but now I meet friends for no reason other than to be with them. I actually have a social life. And that is surprising. With my problems (aspergers, dyspraxia, dyslexia) I had always expected to have a reclusive life but right at the moment it is far better than I ever thought it would be.

So despite the snow I will be jumping in the car and driving south (away from the snow) to meet up with people, some I have met before and some I haven’t. I guess my social circle is still growing. That amazes me…

But until then I must get back to my novel… Today is a writing day!

4 thoughts on “Snow!

    1. Thanks, and I agree. Although when I mention my characters and talk about them I make them sound like real people. Friends tend to get a little disturbed at that. I was once asked if I could introduce someone to Bitsy, my character in The Gone. I had to explain and they gave me such a weird look. Like I was crazy or something…

      1. No I totally get that, if they’re not real to you how can someone else take them on board? How can you do them justice, how can they be loveable, scary, sexy, sensitive, anything! They’re real you create them.

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