The Build 2021

My first house

It may seem odd but this is my first house. Up to this point, I have always shared. I have shared with friends, my parents…


I guess if I want to be technical I share with my husband, but it isn’t the same. This is our house and we get to design it ourselves. That was one of the hugest decisions we have taken. Do we move or extend?

We looked at houses. A lot of them. But the problem is that we love where we live. We love the fact there are open fields at the back and that our street is quiet. Our neighbours are lovely and basically we get on with everyone.

The houses we looked at weren’t super dooper detached properties with masses of garden… We don’t have that sort of money. Instead, we were looking at semi-detached and end terraces. I don’t mind that. You can get some huge houses. But they weren’t here and they weren’t ours.

My fella has raised his kids here. They all love the place.

We made a list; pros and cons. There were more cons to moving that pros. So we stayed and designed the extension.

There have been problems with the build and still are, but I’d do it again. The place is beautiful and there is enough space for us to both work permanently from home.

It brings me to the ‘fear’ though.

I am scared about messing up. Choosing the wrong colour… Putting furniture in the wrong place…

I am plain scared.

Not that it has stopped me from choosing massive bold colours. I just worry. After all, this is the first house were I can decorate every room. Even the under the stairs cupboard (yes, there is even a plan for that). Once we have finished downstairs we are going upstairs… Just wait for the colours there.

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