The Build 2021

How is the build going?

Well, it is still going…

And the space and the design is bloody wonderful.

We are finally getting to decorate the old house and the inside of the build is pretty much complete. We are waiting for the doors, window, cladding and one final roof. Inside we have the garden room, the kitchen and dining room, the living room and the library, although on the latter we haven’t got the bookcases in yet. We are wanting to paint the area before we bring them back in. They are currently residing in our son’s garage.

As of today though we were able to get the dinning table up and get the chairs. Never realised how happy I would be that I could eat at a table.

Still tidying but you can see where we are going with this. The grey cabinet will eventually live in the utility room but or now it can stay there.

I chose green for the kitchen…

I think the two greens are great with the wood worktops. The floor is just latexed and doesn’t have the final layer on, just in case you were wandering.

And the living room/library? Well, that just had to be red…

You can see though we have a long way to go before we are done, but it is getting there.

My days are now involved with colours, painting and light fixtures. It is amazing how many lights we need in the new part of the house…

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