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Stress and life

I find they are not the same thing. Two very different beasts, two different characters. One curious and delighted, and the other bitter and sharp.

Life: It has stopped raining! (delightfully running to the window)
Stress: (moves it’s body a little and sniffs in disdain) Not for long. (it points at a cloud moving toward them, fast)
(Life notices that the box under the window is still dry, the plants wilted)
Life: Oh no! Stress the plants are thirsty.
(Stress rolls it’s eyes at the child-like nature of the creature in front of it)
Stress: Probably die.
(the wind changes and begins to blow leaves at the pane of glass)
Life: (laugh) Do not worry! The wind has changed direction.
Stress: It will get colder then.
Life: The cloud will bring rain for the plant. (claps in delight)
Stress: We won’t be able to go outside – again.
Life: But it will live.
Stress: We will be stuck inside.
(the rain falls and Life watches it. The soil becomes wet and the leaves plump out on the plant. An almost dead bud starts to reach for the sky)
Life: Look at this stress…
(stress pulls the duvet tighter around it and ignores life. Ignores everyone)
(life presses its nose to the window and watches in delight as the bud blooms into a flower)
Life: You are missing it!
(Stress huddles closer into the dark and watches nothing.)
(The flower blooms)

I do find that stress and life are two very different creatures.

Photo by John on Pexels.com

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