The Build 2021

Time flies!

Goodness has it been a month since I posted?

The build and life has been getting in the way and the past month has been a little stressful. Mostly due to family emergencies and such. All is okay now though and I have my fingers crossed that it stays that way.

The build has been heading the right way. We are looking at nearing completion now. The internal walls are up and just need plastering. We have the downpipes for the roofs in and the flat roofs are complete except for the bit that attaches to the cladding. Most of the plumbing is in – we just need a second fix and the bathroom wall has been extended out giving a decent sized bathroom.

All in all it is going really well. The pitch roof is needed to get 100 % water tight, but that is to be expected. The weather has been atrocious! We are getting 75 mph blast with driving rain, our September storms but in May! So much for choosing a spring/summer build so we get better weather! Ha!

The roof lights have just been installed and on Monday we get the bifolds… I can’t wait!

Goodbye internal walls!
Hello, new bathroom wall and door!
Such a big space!
Internal walls going up! So high!
Roof lights are in on the worst rainy windy day ever! So light though!

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