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Long over due

I’ve not been too well. And I find if I am sick then I can’t write.

Anything to do with covid? I hear you cry.

Randomly… No, I haven’t had covid. Instead this is a long term problem that is caught up with me being a maturing female (46 now), which is annoying and, thanks to our doctors being stretched, not an easy fix. However, I have taken matters into my own hands and sorted something out that may work. I am missing a hormone and it appears that there are many ways to get it. So, now, 2 years late, I have a matchstick in my arm that will hopefully sort it. I am also recovering from an operation that has made life a lot easier to handle.

How’s the house?

I’ll update you about this soon, but I will say now that it isn’t finished. The builder is being a bit of a problem and not getting it done. It is sad really as the place is looking stunning. I’ll upload some photos soon. We are waiting on cladding and roof… Yes, the winter has been interesting with only plastic draped over the back of the house. We have survived (so far) with only a few small leaks.

So… What is happening?

Apart from me recovering (and potentially getting a little bored) I am back to writing! The PhD should be submitted the end of March and then I will start writing some horror. I need a bit of light relief… Some zombies and dragons may be called for.

I haven’t stopped writing though. In fact there is an opening for a book I have a small essay in. Turns out I love writing creative essays and memoir. If you are around in Swansea on the 2nd Feb at lunchtime, have a little look. I’ve popped the posters below.

As long as my health holds – I will be blogging more.

Oh… And around mid summer I should have an art studio up and running, I’ll keep you posted.

4 thoughts on “Long over due

  1. An art studio? That’s amazing! Can’t wait to see how it looks. And welcome back to writing. Hopefully you find your mojo once more, and that you have good health for the coming years and beyond.

  2. Hi. I stumbled upon your blog whilst researching your builder, who have approached me to offer to estimate for an extension project currently going through Planning. I’ve found a fair bit of negativity about Mr Landry’s work online and have found he’s had a succession of businesses which, presumably, only have a limited shelf-life in order to avoid liability issues. His website also appears to be using images harvested from elsewhere on the net as examples of ‘work completed’, which some reverse image searching revealed. I really do hope you don’t turn out to be a further victim of this gentleman’s lack of professionalism (to put it politely).
    Best regards.

    1. Thank you for your vey pertinent observations, Trevor. Because we don’t know exactly where we are heading with Mr. Landry, it would be best for us not to prejudice any possible legal process by commenting in a public forum. He is very personable and plausible face-to-face but, suffice to say, it would be absolutely right to use *the utmost due diligence* and talk to previous customers before getting involved with this gentleman and his outfits. The website wasn’t operating when we engaged him or it would have certainly raised serious questions as to Mr. Landry’s ethical stance on a wider basis. (Comment by R)

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