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I’m taking the plunge and going for a post with the university. Only a teaching assistant, but if the hours are there it will give me some experience.

Do I want to teach?

Now that is the question… it is one I have fought with for a while. I guess in my ideal I would be able to make enough money to live through the art and writing. The reality is that sometimes you just can’t. Teaching gives a steady income. At the same time there is a drive that once I know the students I WANT to help. Especially when I’m teaching creative writing.

Of course, in a university setting you can never guarantee hours, but I think if I do get some then it will be fun. Just have to complete the training and see how it goes.

2 thoughts on “Teaching…

  1. Had the notification email for this post (which I originally got on my phone) saved to my tablet so I could comment on it. Had it sitting here almost a week. Wanted to say Congrats on the ‘assistant teaching’ post and all the best of luck to you.

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