Miscellaneous · The Build 2021

Let there be light

How difficult is it to buy lighting?

Turns out… Very. Not only do me and R have slightly different ideas but the space is not exactly what we envisioned. That is of course the builders problem. He has made it oddly…

Let us just say that for some reason the walls are twice as thick as they ought to be and there are more angles that expected. Although I have to say I have fallen in love with the funny shapes and corners. Lighting though causes sharpness and we are trying to soften the area… It is very new.

The rest of the house has surprisingly low ceilings, or maybe not so surprising as it was built in the 1960’s. So there is only one spot for a chandelier. We looked at dropped ones and industrial ones. Coloured and non-coloured. Smart and not smart. Crystals and wood. Metal and plastic. Patterned and cut-outs… My head is still spinning from it all.

We needed to get something a bit wow, and a bit unusual with shadows. It couldn’t create sharp edges.

We looked in our budget, out of our budget, completely in another stratosphere for the budget…



They just were too sharp or too soft. Honestly, I was getting to the point where I didn’t want to see another light. then a local DIY centre said SALE.

Amazing what that word will do to your budget. We jumped in the car and shot off to the store, luckily only five minutes away. There is was… Hanging with a massive reduction in price. We had seen it months ago and thought the light would be strange enough to fit into our quirky extension.

We didn’t hesitate but picked up the small rectangular box. It did register that this large spherical chandelier was in a small rectangular box but at the time I was just over the moon we had got one. We grabbed a couple of other lampshades and an outdoor light or two and dashed home.

I made dinner.

After we decided to open the box…

“It’s a bit small,” I said.

“Probably flat-pack,” R said.

Sixty-four pieces.

I let R do all the technical lighting, with electric stuff as he is particularly good at that. Then we got down to putting the 64 spirals in place.

R putting together the light.

“You are cross threading them,” R said.

I still don’t understand what this technically means, but the bolt won’t tighten.

“Oops,” I said.

He wasn’t impressed with the reply. I was impressed that we managed to get all 64 on. Now me being me, meant I had done them one way, and R had fixed them on the other. Really though I was ambivalent about the direction of the spiral so I let R take over. He really is very good at design.

The result?


Well, I think it is stunning…

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