The Build 2021

Through the round window

It arrived! The round window is here and it is lovely… I think once it is in, it is going to make the space. I can’t wait for the hand over of the studio. That looks like next week as we are waiting for the picture window. But it is looking so good already.

That window goes in the round hole…

I have been out with the tape measure and the desk I have worked on since I was young, having inherited it from my grandad, will fit! It fits perfectly. Almost as if the space were made for it. I could lie and say it was but I didn’t have foresight to measure it before we converted the garage to a studio. Glad it will work out though.

I can’t wait until I can get back to painting. I’m already planning three… Going to get my creative on!

The dormers are being clad as well. The wood is so beautiful. It is amazing how lovely it looks. I think Monday the scaffolding comes down so I can get better pictures.

Love those colours.

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