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It is a strange world we live in, where you can log online and see news and “real” facts that can contradict each other. I do a fact-check by looking at scientific journals and such, but it takes time and if you look in the right place you can “alternative fact-check”… It is all confusing.

Photo by CDC on Pexels.com

There are people treating pets with spells instead of antibiotics and others who won’t allow their kids any vaccines. I get it – and it is a matter of choice, but please think seriously. My dad lived through smallpox. My gran tied him and his sister to the bed so they wouldn’t scratch. She had to watch as the disease ravaged her children, as blisters formed on their skin and their temperatures rose. She did all this in the African outback. Both survived without scarring. All that suffering. I know that they don’t give the smallpox vaccine anymore but they do give others. Yes, because we are in the UK smallpox has been eradicated and there is herd immunity for other illnesses, but that’s not the case elsewhere.

Denying your child a jab could define their lives. Where they can go as they travel, and what they can do. The fear of disease will limit them. I have received a comment on this blog that I haven’t approved to be seen. It’s from someone saying that vaccines are the devils work and that by having one, especially for Covid-19, I am allowing the devil into my life. Well, that would suggest that I believe in the devil, I’m pagan so I don’t believe anything is ultimately evil, so that isn’t really an argument. Then they suggest that the vaccine will support paedophiles and murderers… I highly doubt that. I know what it will do. It will let me hug my mum and dad, something I haven’t done in over a year. It will let me go the shop without fear.

I know that the Covid vaccine is not the be-all and end-all. Covid is essentially from the same virus family as colds and flu, and one thing those viruses will do is mutate. I’m expecting to have to get at least one a year, but that is okay. I get the flu vaccine as well. And if there were one for hay-fever I would get that. Why? Because It would limit my suffering.

My family exist on a series of pills. Hell, I take my fair share of pills. They keep me alive and mobile. What would life be like without them? Try looking at the Victorian life… The child mortality and the deaths before fifty. I’m not talking about the rich Victorians, but the working class. Those who had to work hard in order to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. This was a society where you had to pay to perch on a bench leaning over a rope in order to sleep. Think about that. Being so poor that you couldn’t afford to lie down. Doctors were well beyond normal people. Thanks, but I’ll take modern life and all its vaccines and pills.

I’ll take technology as well. The computer and the internet. Machines and time-saving devices. The 5G argument… The technology underlying 5G has been around for years. That is all they are: waves, frequencies between those used to send us TV and the Infrared we get from sitting in front of the fire. They don’t eat up all our oxygen, the high ones don’t even get into your body and, as far as I’m aware, 5G and microdot chips have nothing to do with the vaccine.

The vaccine? I’ve had it. My face went red and I felt a bit chilly, but that was yesterday. Today I am fine, not even a sore arm. If I hadn’t had the vaccine, I could potentially die of Covid. I’ll take the vaccine, thank you. I’m not saying everyone has to but surely the benefits outweigh the negatives. Up to you though. One thing I do know – I don’t mind. Take it or don’t take it. The decision is yours. Just don’t lecture me on my choice, because I have no intention of treating anyone any different.

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