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Another stormy night

If I were a pessimist I would say that the weather is worse because we have scaffolding up and tents around the dormers. But, luckily, I am not. Instead I am happy that everything is fine, noisy and annoying when you are trying to sleep but despite the weather the build is going well.

I have started some supplements to try to stop the osteoarthritis; turmeric, ginger, zinc, glucosamine and chondroitin. Thank goodness you can get one pill that does it all. So far, I have taken 2… No change yet but I don’t suppose I will see anything for at least a week.

It would help if I could get a decent sleep. Saying that though I don’t want any of the builders up there at the moment. It is just too windy. Two neighbours have lost tiles. I think the scaffolding may even be protecting our roof.

Right at the minute I am on the sofa with a hot cup of tea, the fire going and the Wales/Italy rugby match. My fella though is rotavating outside in hail, rain and incredible wind to get the fruit trees in. I feel I ought to be out there, but I have just been given the vaccine and I’m strangely lightheaded. Not that I think my dizzy head has anything to do with the jab, it is more to do with the relief of having it and lack of sleep. Something I’m sure a nap will fix.

It does leave R out digging holes though. He is determined. We have an apple, pear and plum going out. The pear has lived the last few years in the front garden but last year it caught a cold. That has led to canker. In a normal tree this is a dilapidating disease, but for a tree in a pot it can kill. Cankers are sort of like arthritic nodules that form and cut off or limit circulation of nutrients and water. The tree has to work harder to compensate. For a tree in a pot whose access to both water and nutrients are already limited it can be a killer. For one in the ground, the disease can be lived with. So, our dwarf pear is being planted into the ground to give it a fighting chance. The other trees are tiny and probably won’t produce fruit for a couple of years. In about three years though they will be a lovely mini orchard.

Photo by Tom Swinnen on Pexels.com

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