The Build 2021

Why so quiet?

Not sure. I had every intention of writing a post last week. Every intention of writing one Monday and Tuesday but I have been tired from being super busy.

You see the build has come on leaps and bounds. If anything we are now on a quiet time as we are waiting for the wooden frame. But it isn’t a long wait as it should be here next week.

So – to bring you up to date…

This beam in now in the house – yes this means we have a hole in the wall but we need to have it in place for the wooden frame.
The dormers are complete and look pretty good. All the scaffolding has gone too. It is so much warmer in there.
We decided on a wallpaper for the kitchen wall. And ordered the kitchen…
I am now working in the studio – which doesn’t have power so it is a very long extension but I am out the living room. Yay!
The new window is in but it shouldn’t have an opener so it is just temporarily in. The cans are holding down the insulation as there is a bit of a gap at the bottom.

So in recap… The house is ready for the frame, the studio is liveable but doesn’t have power and the window is in – for now. Considering I didn’t realise I would be able to use the studio until after the build – I am over the moon. Oh… and I am drawing again. Super rusty but give it time.

Will be a pair of red kites.

Promise I shall keep you updated on how everything is going. Right now I feel like I need a lie down. And if you were wandering the studio had to be collected from Tregaron where my parents were storing it. And yes – we obeyed Covid rules to get it. It was a busy weekend.

There are a few more bits to get but everything is moving very well. Next step is to get the staging in the rest of the studio and release the caravan so when they pull out the kitchen I can still cook. Goodness, there is so much to do.

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