The Build 2021

How it is all going…

It has been busy and not busy. The dormers are complete and the second fix for the studio is going in today but the fella and I have been a little out of sorts. Headaches and pains and not feeling right. I thought it was the cold but then I started to wander if it wasn’t the gas fire. We have a carbon monoxide alarm but I started to wander if it was that accurate.

Since the circulation pump on the central heating went we have been completely reliant on that fire. There has been no other source of heating and with the steel in place for the frame and consequently a massive hole in the back of the house, it has been chilly. So, we have had the fire on all the time and are living in the front room. The rest of the house being too chilly. It is always a possibility that the fire isn’t working as well as it should. It is from the 1960s.

But that is now a mote point as it is no more.

The Fireplace surround is out and we are seeing the original colour of the walls – is that mustard or baby poo colour?

The guys from Birds Hill arrived and they made short work of taking everything out… We are now watching them get everything sorted and taking out pipework for the new biomass boiler.

The gas is capped and the house is now gas free. Soon she will only run on wood pellets and electrics. It is a huge change…

And there is was – gone!

What is next? Well, they are going to adapt the 1960’s fireplace that was never meant to take an actual fire, into being able to take one. I’ll keep you posted.

The rest of the build?

Well, we had a slight delay on the frame but it should be here tomorrow and we will be surrounded by builders and engineers. I’ll keep you posted on that as well.

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