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Spring? Or is that snow?

Honestly, what is with the weather? Why is it so damn cold? Okay, so it is April and yesterday we had hail… This does mean that I am checking the plants outside daily. The broad beans are just above the soil and the plum is in full blossom. The fact that it is sitting in the middle of a building site seems to not worry it. Nor does the makeshift barrier in front (basically the wormery) so that it can’t be damaged. It is quietly growing and flowering.

Plum in full blossom

It is great that it is flowering at all as last year we had no fruit or flowers. I got everything crossed for this year, but we are having some issues with the weather. The other day we had sun, freezing rain, hail and snow… How do you plan for that?

Not to be deterred we have been putting the the seeds in our veg patch. Now, if you didn’t know we are ‘borrowing’ a bit of wasteland. We have removed 2 ton bags of plastic and 6 bags of cans as well as 5 bags of rubbish that can’t be recycled. We have cleaned it up and removed the brambles. The beds are sort of there and we are improving the soil. There is still a ways to go, but we are getting there. Last year we grew a few bits but came unstuck when the horses, who are kept on the wasteland, got past the branches we had placed in the way and ate everything…

And I do mean they ate everything.

So we have taken matters into our own hands. We have designed and put up a fence that allows people to come through but stops all horses! Whoop!

Do you see the narrow gap? Well, that is the people way and the fence will stop the horses. It does mean anyone can come up and pick the veg, but as long as they don’t take everything then it is fine. There is CCTV on the veg.

So the veg are safe. And we are able to do some planting. Now if we can have sun in the day and rain at night I would be really happy.

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