The Build 2021

Busy today

Although not as busy as it could have been. Unfortunately, late last night we found out that due to a run over with another job, the framers can’t make it until next week. I was miffed. But today there are smiles. You see the large cherry picker and frames, with possibly a crane, would not have fitted on our drive at the same time. So, yes, it is sad that the build is delayed by a week, but it is great that the heating is going in smoothly.

Today is all about linings and chimneys. Yesterday Birds Hill finished the blocking up and moved the stove inside. Although it is still in it’s box and I have no idea what it looks like. So excited to see it! And today we are talking new liner and hearth. I’m kind of hoping that the biomass boiler will come out of its box, but I’m guessing that depends on the slate being fitted in place.

Fir4eplace blocked off and you can see from the black bricks that at some point there was an open fire in the house.
Putting the holes in so they can bash through for the new lining….
Cherry picker is here – lovely guy called Stuart.
Not sure he has a website, but if you are in need of a cherry picker he is professional and good to get on with.
Goodness that is high up!
And boom the chimney has a new liner!

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