The Build 2021

We have fire!

The wonderful people at Bird’s Hill have come through and we are finally warm! I kid you not, but after a month and a half of no heating and just a front room fire, I could cry. I was also worried about the old (1960s-1970s) gas fire… We have no more headaches and I feel so much better. I have dropped a painkiller as well. Honestly, I am so damn happy!

And that is just the warmth. The biomass boiler is beautiful!

Love the look!

It gets better…

So pretty and so warm.

We have heating, the fire and hot water. Honestly, we both whooped when we got the hot out of the tap… This last month has been tricky. We still have holes in the house but suddenly they are not so bad because we are warm.

And the framers should be here next week – so I am hoping that the holes will soon be enlarged and we will have the extension up. Things are moving!

2 thoughts on “We have fire!

  1. HI Kate, we’re really pleased that you like the new Klover it does look great and thank you for the kind words – they mean a lot to our team.

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