The Build 2021

Plaster and plastic

There is meant to be a storm coming in tomorrow. It is going to be a big one and we have weather warnings. Currently we have the two dormers stripped and the garage plastered but not 100% watertight as the doors and windows aren’t in.

Scaffolding on the outside of the house…

In fact, this storm couldn’t be happening at a worse time, but the builders have a plan. They are pretty much sealing the garage with plastic and the vapour barrier has gone onto the dormers. Can you believe that there was no insulation on the dormers? Not a tiny bit. Plastic siding over shed shiplap and then plaster board. No wander we were bloody freezing. Now we are fully insulated and already if feels warmer up there.

The garage plaster is drying nicely and I’m hoping that in the next few weeks I may even get to move the studio out there. Sure, I will have to work off extension cables but it will work. I think it is pretty cool.

Very pink but drying well!

I’m keeping everything crossed that the storm isn’t as bad as they say it is going to be.

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