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Finally feeling a little better

Yesterday was sunny and I was feeling so much better. Finally, my body has started to absorb the iron and I have a little more energy. The pain has subsided and I was smiling.

I should say that I’m still smiling today.

We headed out to the veg patch in order to pop some plants in. A lot of what I would be growing has to go direct into the soil. Luckily we are close to the sea so we don’t get hard frosts, and definitely not at this time of year. My fella had already rotavated and got ready the first bed so it was a simple case of sowing. I popped two rows of onions, one red and one white, then a six inch gap and a row of broadbeans. We do have a broadbean problem – I love them but my fella hates them. So, we have come to a compromise, one row of braodbeans. Enough to give me a few but not enough that we will be inundated. Then the other side I popped another two rows of onions. Hopefully, the onions with the beans will keep off the black fly.

Honest there are broad beans in there with onions…

The beans are on a fairly windy slope so one they are up I may have to stake them, but that isn’t a problem. Now I just got to wait for them to grow.

Then the potatoes. A little early but the ones I kept back from last year were ready to go. So we dug out the felt potato sacks (three years old and still going strong) filled them with layers of leaf mould, soil and seed potatoes. Boom… done! Last year we put the potatoes direct in the ground, but this year to save space I decided to grow them in the bags. I am putting in a huge amount of vegetable types, from tomatoes to khol rabi, so we need the space.

Potato bags that can be used year after year.

In the veg bed now we have leeks, radishes, celeriac, broadbeans, onions and potatoes… Phew. Still a long way to go, but it is fun.

And while I am feeling good, getting out planting and walking has got to be a good thing.

The view on or walk yesterday. That sky has no filter. It was really that blue.

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