The Build 2021

That’s a new start then…?

Did the new year start?

Honestly, last year was strange and it looks like this year is going to be even stranger. As the new year came into being we toasted 2021 and went to bed. No parties and no guests. Just me, mister and 2 kids.

A new year.

A continuation of lockdown.

Exercise around our park. Thankful that there is a park.

Working from home, studying from home… Being home.

And in the middle of it all the plans are out and the renovation on the house is ongoing. I had wanted it to be complete last year, but with everything else it wasn’t possible. So this year is full steam ahead. Hopefully we will get the new workshop in, new heating, new kitchen, bathroom, ensuite…

The list is long. I’ll keep you all informed though.

We have already passed planning and got building regulations so the next bit is to find a builder and start the work…

I’ll keep you posted on that but it looks like there may be one on the horizon, possibly. Relatively speaking though our budget has shrunk as the cost of materials has gone up. Still, there is not a lot we can do about it.

I got my work gloves and my painting smock – I am ready to go.

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