Announcing the first Showboat tv #Online #LitFest # Saturday #Authors #Interviews #Q&As #Public #FreeEvent

Oh… I shall be here… #showboatTV #interviewtheauthor #interviews #books #writers… @ShowboatTV

Judith Barrow


On Saturday 16th January 2021, Showboat tv will be holding their first Online LitFest with Authors, Writer and Poets throughout Wales.

This link gives all the information: http://bit.ly/3i9PhRv

The event is FREE and will be held between 10.30am to approximately 5.00pm.

The following is a taster of the event...

This is where I will be interviewing all the following participants:



10.30am – Angela Johnson: http://bit.ly/3ntz6PT

10.50 – Greg Howes: https://amzn.to/38rbqaz

11,10 – AlexCraigie: https://amzn.to/3q9Hc1T

11.30 – Colin R Parson: https://amzn.to/38tYfpp. who also writes as Jake Ridge:https://crime.cymru/jake-ridge/

11,50. – Jan Baynham: http://bit.ly/3hYPQ08 & Jill Barry: http://bit.ly/39eOyKw(Discussing the Romantic Novelists association and their books)

12.30 – Will Macmillan Smith

12.50 – Judith Barrow: http://bit.ly/2HmLVqT interviewed by Thorne Moore: http://bit.ly/3ntNffO


1.30 Cheryl Rees Price: https://amzn.to/39n4ryO

1.50 Thorne Moore: http://bit.ly/3ntNffO

2.10 – Wendy…

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